Thursday, April 24, 2008

Meta post: selection bias

I'm conscious of being in this project for 10 more months. How does that distort?

A lot could shift, understandings deepen. I hold off on some people. It's no affront after 25 years years, to say this tidbit is all I remember about you. (Hey, kid, lucky I remember you ever existed.) But what about someone with thick data, being in a few roles? How to filter for upshot? Is the purpose or effect different then?

Is it then a bio as homage? A thank you for a particular moment? Is the timing such that I can say thus far, this I see? It can't be all of a person. With long-agos, I'm writing effectively about someone dead and gone since in a decade or few, people are no longer the people they were. When someone present in life now, the subject still exists. It's snap judgement. Ick.

I'm preselecting for people there is stability and closure about. I'm sifting for pivotal moments, or failing that very short complete narrative arcs. What size of experience already fits the 40 word concept, even when compressed?

Funny what comes when I think summatively. Where's salience? Moments rise, of being clung to as someone melts down.

It's watching my mind at work. What and who am I choosing to hold onto as making a difference in my life? Do I want to change to spell out what the impact is every time?

As you were...back to 40 words.

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