Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bonus post - 5 Moments Meme Tag Show

Pez Man tagged me with "5 moments" (or memories of moments) "that I love".

Or, in other words, 200 more words.

In one day or a few?


Anyone want to pick up the tag? After NaNoWriMo, Rosemary?

Here's mine:

1986) After prostration of prayer, depths of despair, rending myself into a sodden rag of apology for wasted breath, to hear birdsong, sense breeze pulling me out to a lighting struck tree. Black hand of God come down to me.

1988) Walking, pumped up in ecstatic religious high, feeling all of creation was culminating in this moment, that each angle of creation sang to me personally. The Mind moved grasses to make green blades eternal crucifixes, reminders of divine love.

1990) In pea soup fog, warm white out; can't see my feet but they have native understanding for the clodded bog of ground. The wind slips in and starts to twist into human-like shapes. Could almost stretch belief to ghosts.

2002) Realizing I've dozed, I wake against the boulder, hear only late summer grasses, nobody in sight, clothes unstolen. No sunburn. Heat sunk into the bones. Go deep into forest, the chill of shade, gratification of mossy sun patches.

2007) 5000th time waking inside the blue of moon walls, pausing, checking for the sound of breathing. Limbs sprayed away from me so I tuck my tense body back into, finding the back of knees for the front of mine.


The Pez Man said...

I LOVED your moments. They really made me think; putting myself in your place. You are a great writer.

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...


Yes, I'll have a go. Some time soon. :)

And I am not doing NaNo this year; probably never will again - I am no novelist!