Friday, August 14, 2009

anecdote #41 - K

being a Halloween bee (wings, stripes, makeup, fishnet
shorts, camisole-thing, long satin gloves)

realized overall effect when K went to point.
especially distracting were the gloves

so I took them off,

but in front of him.
my. that
didn't help.


Jon said...

I know that I must say this every time I'm by here... but I still love the concept for this site...

thanks for always dropping by my blog (unexpectedly!) and leaving your thoughts... I appreciate it...

I never notice either how many sites you're writing on!!! definitely not a grasshopper eh?

I'll drop by and say hi to you again soon Pearl...


(word verification asks for 'reasons'

how crazy is that?)

Mrs Slocombe said...


Pearl said...


deep danka, danka!