Wednesday, October 21, 2009

anecdote #49 - person in ad

in the phone booths corporate slick sex number ads are common enough.

this pencil-written,
"clean, discreet, no cash involved, u must be of age, I give good head"

I have qualms of leaving
and of removing.
was I patronizing, interfering?


Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

No cash involved?????!!!!!

Sometimes I think we have to interfere. If you didn't, your conscience would bother you too. As you know.

No easy answer - because there will be other notices on other doors. Still, you can only do what you can only do.

Pearl said...

as you say, ads are probably all over. the person's choice is made.

and yet to protect suggests he or she needs protecting instead of presuming she or he can handle whatever occurs.

that I respond more that this is for free strikes me. if it is business, it is not my business but if it is hobby, there is more danger or more need of intervention? why? does it suggest a beginner onto a path because if there were skilled choice, one would demand money?

something is amiss in my perceptions somehow. my biases are challenged.

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Mine too, obviously. Something about it seems to have a juvenile quality - but really we don't know that.

Coupla other, different, situations, I have refrained from warning people who were after all adults - albeit young - about things they looked to be heading into. I lived to wish I had warned. And yet, they did survive and come through it. And would they have listened to the warning anyway? Probably not.

Vexed questions!

Pearl said...

yes, people have to be in a place to hear.

one can say a word but it's a crapshoot if someone can be deterred from course or driven further along faster at it to know for themselves.