Monday, March 15, 2010

anecdote # 89 - Dave

I blurted at a wallflower at an art gallery social
"another crash-burn, I'm lousy at small talk"

oddly, no pulled-face but commiseration,
limping to race, we skipped the small
and related.

(a safety in numbers of strangers
to never re-encounter.)


Lodo Grdzak said...

Good one.

Pearl said...

thanks. so many people just want to cut the shallow song and dance and get into the meat in meet and greets. the entry point is hard to get a fix on tho.

mia said...

true. so new york or any large
city...the murmur of the crowd
can be a blanket.

Pearl said...

sleepwalking isn't always bad. the unconscious leaps, intuitive dream sense can be more true than consciously constructed. so naptime city, good thing.