Thursday, March 18, 2010

editorial aside (double length), re: chopper

mom's ready deflections said,
I didn't need new bikes
because I was a girl.
boys grow, need more.
I grew, cycled as much.

why didn't she admit we didn't have the money
instead of blaming birthright gender,

protecting breadwinner?
her pride ahead of my best interests?
why didn't I insist on earning?

what all does reflection change?

I wasn't swift to infer.
what does nearly 30-year-old seeds
of carried jealousy, resentment do?

to examine is to recontextualize, let duds go.


touch said...
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Jon Parsons said...

a post I read only minutes ago by a friend of mine you might like as parallel/juxtapose to this poem:

Pearl said...

wow, that's a powerful post.

Lodo Grdzak said...

Let duds go.