Sunday, July 11, 2010

anecdote # 113 - Bob

i had entitlement
to be protected.

it was church youth group —
I didn't expect adult wink/
pressure for kids to play
spin-the-bottle, be sent
into closets with cheers.

I sat-out an awkward evening,
stranded without lift.

(chaperone, my age currently.)


Lodo Grdzak said...

Bob sounds worse than The New Parents!

Kathiesbirds said...

Oh, this sounds emotionally painful! I had a similar experience at a friend's Bat Mitzvah. I was so shocked to learn they were going to play Spin the Bottle that I ran and hid in the woods! I had never kissed a boy before and I was terrified to start that night! The whole incident is a dreadful memory for me. Sounds like it was for you too! You were so brave to stand up to peer pressure!

Pearl said...

Good for you for taking your own path of comfort out of there!

What does get into the heads of people sometimes.

I then my 3 cousins all chose to sit out. I mean statistically we'd all be likely to be paired. And their parents would kill them. Me, I just found it icky that anyone should play, especially under auspices of church clean fun.