Friday, August 20, 2010

editorial aside #22 (triple length) - demographics

I'm at around 800 posts data points. Curious, I counted who I've noted.

Even if gender isn't relevant to the story, even tho I want to transcend gender, what's my practice?

I've a rule of no repeats although I can make a tribute and anecdote of the same person. I found 7 males and 2 females who got extra repeats. I counted each repeater only once in overall numbers. Some anecdotes I made gender-neutral, but could reinstate gender.

Inanimate, Plant, Abstract subjects (29)
Non-human animals (40)
Undetermined/Unknown gender: (17)

Human mixed gender group (40)
Group of females (15)
Group of males (16)

Individual Female (246)
Individual Male (356)

(Statistically significant difference.)

Slant/weighting differences? I'd have to re-count.

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